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May 5th Nominating Convention

We held our first nominating convention of 2024 on Sunday, May 5 (online). This restored our modified-consensus process, with decisions made by those attending the meeting. It was not a stage-managed webinar like the February convention. We did not exclude interested candidates from participating, as happened in February. This is a vital step in preserving our party’s traditions and precedents.

Reclaiming Grassroots Democracy

This site is created in recognition of the legitimate election result from the February 2024 convention. That result was tampered with by a few individual current or former officers, who threw out more than half the votes. These officers were the same responsible for subverting our convention rules of order.

We recognize that the convention vote represents a party decision. We are working to rebuild party resources outside the control of those who tried to nullify it.

Our New Forum

We are integrating a discussion forum right here on our new site! It is still being polished, but it’s ready to use. Navigate to “forum” on the main menu and follow the instructions in the first post. This will create a user account on this site and add you to the forum. You’ll also have the option to sign up for our newsletter. If you’d just like to sign up for the newsletter, use the form below.

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