May 5 Nominating Convention Result

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Taking on the 2 party system!

The Pacific Green Party held its first nominating convention Sunday, May 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We allocated our 11 delegates to the presidential nominating convention (PNC) on a proportional basis. We invited all 5 candidates and put them on our ballot. 5 delegates went to Jill Stein, 4 delegates to Daví, and 2 to Jasmine Sherman. Results were published before adjournment.

We nominated three other candidates: Joe Meyer for US House District 3, Mike Beilstein for Oregon House District 16, and Dan Pulju for Oregon Treasurer.

Results are here

Delegate allocation math

Delegate apportionment by party list, largest remainder method:
Party list apportionment details:

32 votes cast.
32/11 = 2.909

Results were emailed to all voters automatically by OpaVote.

Stein 13/2.909 = 4.468
Davi 11/2.909 = 3.781
Jasmine 6/2.909 = 2.062
Randy 1/2.909 = .343
Jorge 1/2.909 = .343

9 delegates awarded; Largest remainders are Davi and Stein for final 2.
Jill Stein 5, Daví 4, Jasmine Sherman 2

Meeting minutes are here

Watch the GPUS Candidate Speeches (pt 1) here

Party business segment

After the nominations were done, the convention addressed the controversial February convention. Some officers had altered that convention’s voting results by disqualifying more than half the ballots. Testimony was heard from several sources and discussed. A motion was made to revoke Seth Woolley’s supporting membership for his role in altering the result. It passed on an 18-3 vote. A motion was made to revoke Nathalie Paravicini’s supporting membership for her role, and remove her from the SCC. It passed on a 17-3 vote.

Our bylaws provide that a convention schedules the next 2 conventions. Our next convention is August 11, 2024. Further nominations can be made there. Next we will have a winter convention in January, with elections for new SCC members.

Adjusted running agenda:
Start timeEnd timeDurationDescription
11 a.m.11:3030 minutesWelcome to the “Reclaiming Democracy” convention; Mission Statement, Statement of Principles reading; announce February vote result; approve agenda; SCC, Secretary, and Treasurer report; proposed PNC delegate apportionment and approval; voting instructions
11:30 a.m.1:15p.m.105 minutesPresidential candidate forum: Daví, Jasmine Sherman, Jill Stein, Jorge Zavala, Randy Toler (15m per); Panel discussion; Q & A as time permits
1:151:20pm5 minutesbreak
1:201:4525Other candidates: Joe Meyer CD3, Mike Beilstein HD16, floor nomination for Dan Pulju Treasurer.
Ballots sent after floor nominations. Please check your email!
1:55 p.m.3:45 p.m.110 minutesFebruary Pacific Green Party election review – presentation (SCC, Linn-Benton, PGP Lane, Mark R, Eva), discussion, consideration of action
3:45 p.m.4:00 p.m.15 minutesVoting results; date of next convention; fill out the May 5 convention evaluation form

Who voted

All voters registered PGP with the Secretary of State as of April 30, 2024 are eligible to vote on nominations. Nominations and endorsements are eligible for absentee voting if the convention so decides. This convention did. It also reinstated our rules of order, with meeting decisions made by a majority of supporting members present. By definition, a supporting member has met one of the three criteria listed in Bylaws Article III. These include modest donations or volunteer time, or at least 2 years registered PGP.

All PGP members attending qualified as supporting members. We invited all PGP members we could contact within our budget, including our email list of more than 400. Join that list on the form below, or while signing up for our forum!

Call for Delegates

The GPUS presidential nomination convention will be held online from August 15 to 18. It will formally nominate the presidential candidate. It will also consider amendments to the GPUS platform.

This is a largely ceremonial process. Our delegation will choose a “reporter” who will announce our votes during a roll call. Any PGP member willing to pledge a first-round vote is eligible.

In addition to our 11 delegates, we can also have 11 alternates. Historically, we have had no issues appointing our delegation among those willing to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, fill out this form:

Thank you to all participants and candidates!

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