PGP aligns with precaution on EMF

Our position on EMF pollution is clear

“We the People must … Oppose the implementation of 5G wireless technology, as the high density of non-ionizing microwave and millimeter-wave radiation in pulsed and phased radar arrays has not been adequately proven safe for public health or the environment.”

Pacific Green Party Platform, “Health Care” section

This implements the precautionary principle in tech development. I would phrase this principle simply as “don’t implement things until they are tested and proven safe.” It’s a sensible approach. Unfortunately, in the case of rapidly-developing EMF technology, it hasn’t happened.

The rush to implement wireless tech has outpaced precaution. All too often, those pushing it paint resistance as fringe, to be ridiculed or ignored. That’s what Seth Woolley did last February when labeled this language “anti-science” and tried to strike it from our platform.

It was hard to tell who his joke was supposed to be on. After all, he named himself the “Porland Green Party Toxicology Expert Committee.” He even tried to strike our longstanding opposition to nuclear energy. He failed, and that’s one reason he tried to overturn the election by throwing out more than half the ballots.

The Smart Meter Issue

Our precautionary approach to EMF network implementation extends to smart meters, which use the technology. Granted, this is not party dogma. Our platform plainly states it is not a “litmus test.” Nonetheless, it reflects the will of many members to resist the corporate/governmental forces pushing this tech where it may not be wanted.

In Eugene, local utility EWEB has in the past allowed folks to opt out of the devices. According to local activist groups like Families for Safe Technology, that may be changing. To me, that’s a human rights violation.

Restoring our party principles

Grassroots democracy is one of our four pillars. We make decisions from the bottom up, with people freely thinking, talking, and acting for themselves. So there isn’t really a “the party says this” or “the party says that.” The party is supposed to be a refuge from top-down dogma. Unfortunately, that’s been under attack by Seth and other gatekeepers, but it’s worth fighting to keep. We have ballot access, and can nominate or endorse candidates that create leverage on issues like this.

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