Why would Green Party leaders steal an election?

What could be so important that they would break the rules to get their way?

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By Chuck Fall

I am writing to explain why I think Seth Wooley and Nathalie Paravicini and others would conspire to steal an election. In short, they did this to stop people they did not like from holding officer positions in the party.

Seth and others produced a report two weeks after the February 24/25th convention that disenfranchised over half of the participating members. They did this to keep Dan Pulju and Lori Burton off of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon State Coordinating Committee, as well as to alter the outcome on other matters, including the vote to “decertify” Lane and Green Liberty Caucus chapters.

Without the authority of the convention, nor the legitimacy of the State Coordinating Committee oversight, Wooley acted clandestinely to compose a specious report that rationalized removing 39 of 75 ballots cast. He represented this in an “election report” that has no standing on account the Convention had already spoken. Seth’s report was a bad faith, dishonest attempt to undo the electoral will of 75 participating members. See report condemning “election report” from Linn Benton Chapter: https://oregongreenparty.com/index.php/2024/04/16/linn-benton-letter-of-complaint/

Pacific Green Party rules of order hold the convention does the business of the party and the Opavote results of the February convention election put Dan Pulju and Lori Burton on the State Coordinating Committee.

Therefore, I, Chuck Fall, along with Suzia Aufderheide, and Dan Pulju and Lori Burton qualify as a majority bloc of the State Coordinating Committee. We called and convened the May 5th convention to respond to the theft of the February convention. We succeeded in restoring the rules of order and rendered judgment on February convention. The May 5th convention was themed around reclaiming democracy.

The convention held a vote, and by a 2/3 majority of those present, Seth Wooley’s and Nathalie Paravacini’s PGP membership was revoked. Paravacini was also removed from her officer position in the State Coordinating Committee.

As the founder of Green Liberty Caucus chapter, and an object of the election theft, I feel obliged to explain what I think has happened, and why individuals would take drastic actions in a brazen power grab that violates the party rules.

The conspiracy to keep Dan Pulju and Lori Burton off of the SCC stems from a deep ideological divide that splits the party. It is between those with authoritarian inclinations, exemplified in a command and obey mind set, contrasted with those who take a libertarian stance, which is marked by tolerance for a diversity of viewpoints and willingness to accept others.

Wooley and Paravacini, and the other establishmentarians in the party, were so desperate to stop people they did not like from having any position and standing in the party that they violated their duty to follow the rules and respect the grass roots process for decision making.

What would make them take such drastic action and break the rules?

In his “election committee” report, Wooley sets the stage for throwing out half the ballots by asserting that the Pacific Green Party is “progressive socialist” and implies that it is necessary to disenfranchise 39 of 75 ballots cast in order to preserve the ‘progressive socialist’ ethos of the party.

But “progressive socialist,” as Seth uses the phrase, is actually code for top down authoritarianism and has nothing to do with what the words mean.

For the record, “progressive socialist” is not mentioned in PGP documents; however, “limited forms of government” and grass roots democracy (both libertarian principles) are named, which are the true values of the Pacific Green Party. Our rules of order don’t allow top down, command and obey practices. We do our business at convention in the open among the members.

As the chief proponent of the Green Liberty Caucus chapter, I accept the principles of socialism and have no dispute on that point. I consider myself an anarchist (critical of systems of hierarchy and domination that deny freedom and liberty) and I accept the necessity of good government to protect the general welfare, and like most greens, I support grass roots democracy as the voice of the people.

So why is there a problem?

There is a problem because Seth Wooley and other establishmentarians are intolerant of perspectives they don’t respect, and are willing to interfere with democratic process by stealing an election to control who sits on the SCC.

There is backstory on Seth’s intolerance.

I have never in my life experienced hatred and vitriolic bigotry until I came out as a green libertarian in the Pacific Green Party. But this only developed after the Covid vaccine mandates became an issue.

I became active in the PGP in April of 2020, and joined the rise up email discussion list in the midst of the Covid lockdowns. At the time I accepted the main stream media reports about the SARS Cov2 and saw wisdom in tracking and tracing. I was suspicious of the lockdowns, school closures, and other extreme measures, and I wondered about the virus origin.

Meanwhile, Lane Chapter members were challenging the official narrative and questioning the infection / mortality ratio and the motivation for lockdowns, doubting the danger of a covid infection, challenging the efficacy of masking, and questioning an unnatural origin of the SARS Cov2.

In April 2020, two Indian scientists published a paper (retracted under pressure from authorities) that identified a gain of function and other splices of gene sequence in the SARS Cov2 that indicated that the virus had been engineered. This was posted on the Pacific Green Party rise up discuss list.

But Seth Wooley responded that members of the PGP on the discussion list don’t engage in conspiracy theories about the SARS Cov2, or about 9/11, JFK assassination, chem-trails, or make other challenges to the official narratives. Quite an amazing assertion.

In this way, I met Seth the gatekeeper; sentry of ideas at the gates of the Pacific Green Party. A “progressive socialist” was dictating the rules of engagement on the green party discussion list. This is significant because it shows Seth’s purpose is to attack ideas that are controversial and suppress open discussion.

Meanwhile, in August 2020, a conspiracy to remove PGP members from their administrative positions on the Lane Chapter Facebook page was put into play. The leaders were Nathalie P., Connor Salisbury, Ken Adams, and Seth. The goal was to install Ken Adams as the administrator so he could prevent messages from being posted on the Facebook site that went against the official narrative about covid.

Seth Wooley uses the term Covid “denier” to characterize members that spoke out against the official narrative.

So, in effect, Wooley and Paravacini et al conspired to suppress the speech rights of the Lane Chapter members, but sought ultimately to shun them from the party by knocking them off the Facebook site and removing any representation of the chapter on the party webpage.

The attempt to alter the February 24/25th Convention vote is directly connected to the conflict 4 years ago, and is the latest salvo in an ongoing effort to suppress dissident voices and shun members from the party.

There is no question that the Green party is divided about what to say about SARS Cov2 and other government cover ups for that matter.

For example, even though the Green Party US has a platform plank calling for investigations into the September 11th attacks, the national Green Party neglects to make mention each year on the anniversary that the 9/11 event was an inside job and intended to start a generation of “forever wars”; these came to pass and remain in play, Ukraine and Gaza being the latest examples.

On the matter of SARS Cov2, it is now beyond a doubt certain that it is an engineered virus and the United States Department of Defense financed research and development in conjunction with other agencies like Department of HHS.

The August 2020 convention in Scio passed a platform plank that calls for gain of function research to be banned since the risks outweigh the benefits. The Pacific Green Party members voted at convention to take a strong stance against the activities of the US government and the development of dangerous pathogens. In hindsight, the Lane Chapter was right to oppose the main stream narratives about Covid, but they were shunned for speaking up.

Nathalie and others should have apologized by now to Lane Chapter members for trying to bully them off of their Facebook site. But Nathalie refuses to acknowledge she was wrong, and has gone on to steal an election.

Green Liberty Caucus chapter is tasked with demanding accountability for state crimes like the 9/11 cover ups, and more recently, the lies that were told about the Covid. Denouncing government malfeasance is an appropriate media and protest activity for any political party to do, but especially for Greens given our stance against corruption and militarism.

But this demand for accountability applies to our own internal practices. This requires focusing our sights on corruption within the Green Party, and holding Nathalie and Seth to account for their malfeasance. They have suppressed the grass roots of the PGP membership and denied opportunities for growth.

Since the onset of the Covid “pandemic” in 2020, the Pacific Green Party has made no media challenge in any way to any aspect of the Federal Covid Program, which is now known to be a big lie and rises to the level of a state crime for fraudulently representing the Covid vaccines as safe and effective, and claiming covid vaccines are the only means to protect from a covid infection (other than masking and social distancing).

I am convinced that the Green Party in Oregon would have grown our ranks many fold during the Covid if the party provided space to debate the true nature of the virus, treatment programs, and alternatives to a vaccine mandate. We could have grown our ranks by standing on the side of medical / health freedom, stand for right of workers to refuse the mandate to vaccinate with covid countermeasures, and fight fora doctor’s right to treat covid infections with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine or other compounds. This was denied by the authorities and the Green Party was silent.

Rather than rally Greens, Paravacini and Wooley conspired to shun members.

Lane Chapter and Green Liberty Caucus chapter were denied access to party resources that could have been put to use holding truth forums on the Covid program, and other matters of public interest that would have generated interest in Green Party policy positions. But resistance to controversial ideas made Greens turn against Greens.

Members of the PGP who get triggered by discussion of conspiracies, need to consider that they are in a state of cognitive dissonance that makes it difficult to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time. Shutting down members whose views we disagree with violates principles of non-violence and basic grass roots democracy.

What Seth and Nathalie have done in their effort to steal an election is unconscionable; their conspiracy to deny the results of the February convention is too egregious to let pass; the May 5th convention sanctioned them by revoking their membership.

Check out these links for back story on Green Liberty agenda items and the struggle to get a hearing at convention.

This link is to Seth Wooley’s “election report:” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OhgkHAhKz3XnL7JsBYqecaGVdi56Q7FnAEfY_zMOns0/edit#heading=h.s9imfbcaxqu9

This link shows indictment that convention voted on to revoke membership status for Nathalie Paravacini and Seth Wooley: https://oregongreenparty.com/index.php/reclaim-pgp-democracy/

This is a link that gives history on the January 2023 convention that was suppressed by Nathalie: https://greenlibertycaucus.org/march-11-convention-affirms-january-21-convention-vote/

This is a link that gives history on the March 2023 convention that affirmed the January convention and shows Green Liberty resolutions that have been suppressed by Nathalie: https://greenlibertycaucus.org/green-liberty-resolutions-seek-blessing-from-convention/

This is a link to Green Liberty agenda items for February 2024 convention that were altered and one denied by Nathalie: https://greenlibertycaucus.org/chapter-resolutions-february-2024-convention/

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