Author name: Chuck Fall


Oregon Elections Division backs cheaters

Salem should retract the memo, as it violates Pacific Green Party rules of order. Read decision here: The May 31 “Friday Decision” from the SoS sets a terrible precedent for the state to intervene in the affairs of a political party and override its bylaws and rules of order. For example, the memo claims

David Hughes with Emanuel Pastreich

Emanuel Pastreich interviews David Hughes about resisting the emerging techno-totalitarianism.

Watch here: By Emanueal Pastreich, I am joined by Professor David Hughes author of an extraordinary book that describes the reality of politics today in the United States in an age of global technological control and mass psychological manipulation. His book “COVID-19: Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy” is available as a download


Why would Green Party leaders steal an election?

What could be so important that they would break the rules to get their way? By Chuck Fall I am writing to explain why I think Seth Wooley and Nathalie Paravicini and others would conspire to steal an election. In short, they did this to stop people they did not like from holding officer positions

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