Green Liberty Caucus endorses ban on students’ use of cellphones during school day

Wi-fi antenna over play field
Cell antenna transmit radio waves.

Green Liberty Caucus is in solidarity with the call to ban cell phone by the students during the school day; however, we would go beyond just banning cell phone use and include a ban on radio frequency microwave (wifi) radiation in the school building and require all internet access to be through a physical cable. By accessing the internet through a hard wire, schools can limit exposure of radio frequency radio waves.

The Los Angeles School District board voted 5 to 2 to ban the use of the cell phones during school time, reports KATU News. The report cites a host of problems associated with cell phone use that correlate with failure to thrive academically. While the phone itself is a distraction, there are unseen health effects to need to be limited as well.

Cell phones provide access to social media which is a major source of anxiety for some kids. However, there is the issue of the microwave, radio frequency technology.

KIds are especially vulnerable to radio frequency radiation since their bodies still growing and bone structure is less dense; consequently, their bodies absorb more of the damaging effects.

The Pacific Green Party subscribes to the ideas of ecological wisdom, consumer safety, and the precautionary principle. On all three points, banning cell phones is a no-brainer. If we are willing to take drastic action against the ubiquitous cell phone, it follows then that we should make the school building free from radio frequency radiation. Evidence shows wifi radiation puts young people at risk for a variety of ailments.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of microwave radiation emitted from wifi routers, antennas, and the cell phone itself. Using cable to acces the internet will reduce the ubiquity of wifi radio frequency transmissions in the school building.

We acknowledge the work of the Children’s Health Defense to protect children from harmful substances and are in solidarity with any and all efforts to protect children. We are especially concerned about the failure of the medical authorities to explain a spike in children all cause mortality, but that is another matter.

Let’s support efforts to make our schools cell phone and microwave radiation-free zones.

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