Emanuel Pastreich interviews David Hughes about resisting the emerging techno-totalitarianism.

David Hughes with Emanuel Pastreich
“Covid-19,” Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy, Vol. 1, by David Hughes

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Emanuel interviews David Hughes
Emanuel interviews David Hughes

By Emanueal Pastreich,

I am joined by Professor David Hughes author of an extraordinary book that describes the reality of politics today in the United States in an age of global technological control and mass psychological manipulation. His book “COVID-19: Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy” is available as a download for free for all citizens of the world, and gives the most accurate description of what we are facing today, without any of the blame the masons, blame the Jews, blame the Vatican, the radical left, or the MAGA fascists, blame Satan and space aliens rhetoric that is thrown into much of what we read.

I want to ask David’s advice today about what sort of politics we need locally, nationally, and internationally to respond to this unprecedented challenge, and I do so as a candidate in the “Fear No Evil” campaign who intends to actually take on the entire system, in the sense that John Brown took on institutionalized slavery, or the Warsaw Ghetto uprising took on fascism. Change the discourse by refusing to compromise on anything.

David’s book “COVID-19: Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy” provides much of the detail for the hidden war that I have tried to address in my speeches. He limns the current “omniwar” of a tiny elite against most of humanity with considerable accuracy. I highly recommend this book which can be download here.

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