Press Release: Pacific Green Party Awards Delegates


Three 2024 Green Party presidential candidates awarded Oregon delegates for national convention

Jill Stein nearly tied by Daví during May 5th Convention, held to restore integrity in the Pacific Green Party primary

May 20, 2024—

Jill Stein narrowly wins at the Pacific Green Party of Oregon May 5 convention.

During the convention, attendees voted for their choice for the 2024 Green Party presidential nomination. Jill Stein was awarded five delegates, Daví four, Jasmine Sherman two, Jorge Zavala and Randy Toler none.

“Green Party of Oregon, you can lead the way,” said presidential candidate Daví. “I ask you to use your vote today to send a message to the national Green Party, a message that says to the national party: We can’t expect America to offer us democracy, if we don’t offer it to ourselves.” 

Daví received the highest number of delegates won thus far in one state by any candidate other than Stein during the 2024 Green Party primary.

Presidential candidate Jorge Zavala praised the Pacific Green Party. “Democracy is in your hands! Sign petitions and use your power to make a difference. Remember the three truths when making a decision: (1) Look at the data. (2) Where is it pointing? (3) Believe in yourself and others. Let’s walk together to have a brighter future.”

“Green Party of United States needs to put the Green back in the Green Party 2024,” said Randy Toler. He called on the party to “rally around the ideological glue that holds US Greens together: the environment and ecologism economics, a term I coined in 1970’s.”

The candidates were given 20 minutes each to share their visions for the Green Party and the nation.

Members of the Pacific Green Party participating in the convention also praised the convention. “The elections were held in an open, fair, and transparent fashion. It was good to be in a meeting where people were allowed to speak with one another, hear opinions, and give input into decisions as a group,” said one. Another called the May 5 convention “so superior to the last couple of Pacific Green Party conventions.”

“This is what it means to reclaim democracy:  freedom of speech and right to participate,” said Pacific Green Party officer Chuck Fall.

The broad participation was in contrast to the February convention, where only Stein was invited. Shortly before that convention, a former Pacific Green Party officer secretly and unilaterally sent an email to Daví, Sherman and Zavala letting them know they would no longer be invited to speak. Voting results of this convention were delayed by more than a week as 39 of 75 ballots were thrown out by former officers to manipulate the count. 

At the May 5 convention, attendees affirmed the results from all 75 ballots certified during the February 24-25 convention. Lori Burton and Dan Pulju were elected to the State Coordinating Committee. Pulju was also affirmed as acting treasurer and secretary of the party.

Those attending the convention also voted overwhelmingly to censure two former officers involved in manipulating the election results. “Those two conspired with others to steal an election and now the party has spoken. They are being held to account for their malfeasance,” said Fall. 

Improper democratic process during the 2024 primary is an issue nationwide. Small numbers of entrenched party insiders —  seven people in Kansas;  34 in Arizona; 33 in Massachusetts; and 25 in California — chose the presidential nominee in many other state Green parties as well.

The Green Party nominee is expected to do well in Oregon in 2024, amid strong voter disapproval of the two major parties on issues ranging from fossil fuels to genocide and from clearcuts to social justice.

The Pacific Green Party will hold a second nominating convention on August 11. For more information about running for office, supporting Green candidates in 2024, or participating in other activities in your home watershed, see


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